Welcome to my site!

This is Mengran Jiang. You can call me Luke.

I’m a game designer, artist and photographer. Also a hardcore game player!

I got my diploma from UC Santa Cruz.

Current work as a Project Coordinator, while having a part time job as gaming associate developer, helping oversea companies to cooperate better.

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The latest game that I’ve worked from its start to end is called Flicker. It is a 2D-3D puzzle solving game and it is about social anxiety. It is an surrealist puzzle-platformer that seeks to capture the experience of navigating young adulthood while dealing with social anxiety. While you explore this strange landscape as the unlikely protagonist Caedle, shift dimensions to alter your perception, and the physical form, of the world around you.

The other games that I’ve participated in during school time:


And the games that I involved in and published after graduation:

  • Triggerun (team-based multiplayer first-person shooter video game)
  • ManDown (FPS Online mobile game)  NEW RELEASE!!


Both of these 2 games are published by 2AXION

2AXION Games is a developer of mobile games and publisher of online games for mobile and PC. And I myself work as an associate developer,  basically take responsibilities to communicate with game developers and designers, and translate documents into Mandarin/English to ensure each team could understand the job well, and test fixes and updates and record bugs.